Siklo Pilipinas: Makers of upcycled tyre inner tube bags for eco-ethical lifestyle. Founded by couple, Lyndon Ecuacion and Clarice de Villa-Ecuacion, Siklo Pilipinas repurposes “interior” or the inner tubes of bike tires into waterproof bags. Not only is each bag made with care and crafted by hand, each bag is part of a sentiment which advocates for an eco-ethical lifestyle and conscious consumerism. Siklo Pilipinas is happy to be part of the conversation regarding climate change issues and environmental concerns. So far, over seventeen tons of discarded inner tubes and bike tires have been upcycled and hand crafted into a bag, each with its own individual design. Bambu Technologies is happy to partner with Siklo Pilipinas and carry some of their bike-related products in the BT Store.